Latest tube cutting equipment from Bystronic

The ultimate solution for tube processing – now with extra laser power.

Sheet metal processors accelerate their tube laser business with Bystronic’s new ByTube Star 130, the high-end tube laser with the most features. A laser power up to 4 kilowatts, accuracy, ease of use, and a fully automatic setup with open profiles and ellipses lead to more flexibility and higher quality in production.

Bystronic supports its customers with solutions that make them even more competitive. Thanks to high-performance machines and optimized processes, they can look to the future with confidence.
With the ByTube Star 130 laser cutting system, sheet metal production companies can easily and quickly enter the tube processing business and thus access new customer groups.
More power for more quality
The increased laser power of a new 4 kilowatts ensures an even faster and more precise cut and overall higher quality throughout the tube processing process.
Fully automatic setup
With the ByTube Star 130, sheet metal processors who want to expand their portfolio have the perfect solution for tube processing at their fingertips: fast, simple, efficient, and with the most functions. The wide range of applications for all metallic materials in sizes from 10 to 130 millimetres and raw material lengths of up to 8.5 meters opens up new possibilities.

The automated system reduces manual intervention to a minimum, making it particularly easy to get started in tube processing. At the same time, the machine covers an extremely wide range of requirements: Since 85 percent of the market potential lies in the small tube segment, the ByTube Star 130 is geared toward processing tubes with diameters from 10 to 130 millimetres. The machine has a loading capacity of up to 17 kilograms per meter. With the 2D cutting head, 90 percent of all customer requirements can be met, as vertical cuts account for the largest market share.

Available in two power levels, 2, 3 or 4 kilowatts, the fiber laser unit of the ByTube Star 130 impresses with excellent energy efficiency as well as consistently uniform cutting quality.

Additional options increase precision

Additional options can be configured individually and enable further operating convenience as well as increased production quality:

• “Laserscan”: real-time compensation of pipe bending to improve cutting precision, meaning high accuracy is guaranteed in all cutting conditions, even with low-quality material.
• “Quick Cut”: greater speed for better performance thanks to an additional linear axis.

Automatic weld seam detection enables the weld seam to be automatically oriented to the desired position. Via Laserscan, the function independently detects and compensates for geometric deviations of tubes, thus ensuring the accuracy of cutting operations regardless of raw material quality.
Easy and convenient to use
Modern and efficient sheet metal production is no longer conceivable in this day and age without powerful software. With the proven ByVision Tube user interface, Bystronic puts the control of all functions related to the laser cutting of tubes on a touchscreen. Beginners do not need extensive experience to start production on the ByTube Star 130. Cutting jobs are set up quickly, and the interface is intuitive and easy to understand.
ByVision Tube builds on the proven Bystronic software ByVision, which Bystronic uses for all other cutting and bending systems. The intuitive software supports users in importing and creating cutting plans, which makes the operation of cutting sequences on the ByTube Star 130 particularly convenient. Visualizing parts and models, creating cutting plans, monitoring production processes, be they small batches or large orders — thanks to ByVision Tube, users progress productively and quickly from entering orders to delivering finished parts.
The ByTube Star 130 combines intelligent machine design and leading cutting technology. Its simple operation, wide range of applications, and sophisticated options ensure that Bystronic customers are always one step ahead of others in ever-tougher competition.


Contact: Caroline Wood