Charles Day Steel harnesses solar power for laser cutting

Having amassed over 4 decades of hands-on experience, Charles Day Steel is proud to have found its roots in the heart of Sheffield and is dedicated to maintaining the city’s reputation for being the greenest city in the UK.

With this being said, it has also made consistent strides towards attaining its ISO14001, to indicate its adherence to environmentally-friendly codes of practice.

With green practices at the forefront the company’s latest environmental initiative exemplifies this commitment; a large-scale solar panel installation project covering both Charles Day and its sister company, The Laser Cutting Co, with an astounding 496 solar panels.

Professional Profile Cutting Solutions Powered by Solar Energy

Designed to cover approximately 40,000 square feet of roofing across the Charles Day facilities, a single solar panel alone is capable of generating 203kWp of solar energy; ensuring consistent control over energy costs, which can be passed onto our customers. With leading capacities for profile cutting in both complexity and volume, this latest development in our 40-year-plus legacy is yet another major step forward for the company.

Devised by Sales and Business Director, Charlie Day, and Operations Director, James Day, it was clear that reducing our overall environmental impact was of great importance to both Charles Day and The Laser Cutting Co.’s customers. With an ethos dedicated to consistently improving our technologies and services for the benefit and simplicity of our clients, this investment is another example of our strides towards attaining our official ISO14001 accreditation.

Benefits of Solar Powered Profile Cutting

Offering some of the very best metal profiling facilities available in the country – including a state-of-the-art suite of professional metal profiling and cutting machines, 24-hour production, and nationwide delivery – Charles Day is extremely proud to be transitioning to cleaner energy. By limiting the environmental impact, the company aim to provide an even more efficient and cost-effective solution to its customers.

Cleaner Energy

The business understands more than most how critical it is to minimise its carbon footprint wherever possible, which is why this transition is a major step forward to pursuing green alternatives for its services.

Cost Efficiency

Making considerable savings in energy usage and costs, Charles Day is able to pass on these savings to its clients; providing an even more cost-friendly service.


Contact: Charlie Day