Charles Day Steels laser cuts tribute to HMS Sheffield

Designed by Yorkshire-based sculptor Peter Naylor, the ‘Shiny Sheff’ is in the shape of a ship’s prow cutting through the waves.

It was unveiled during a commemorative ceremony which took place on May 4 at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

In tandem with Sheffield based companies Tinsley Bridge and Autokumpu, Charles Days was proud to have been a part of the sculpture manufacture being led by William Cook Casting Products in response to a request from the HMS Sheffield Association.

“What a great sculpture to be a part of, not only an honour to be able to help in such an important memorial for the region and those who served on HMS Sheffield, but a great showcase for the strength of Sheffield’s manufacturing industry and skill”, said Charlie Day, Sales Director.

Charles Days laser cut the stainless steel parts to the artist’s specification to help bring his vision to life, also providing the laser etched plaque commemorating the 40th anniversary of the loss of HMS Sheffield and the twenty of the ship’s company.  The sculpture itself is dedicated to those who served on the three HMS Sheffield ships between 1937-67, 1970-82 and 1986-2002.

Contact: Charlie Day