Civan Lasers honoured with German Innovation Award

Civan Lasers is proud to announce its second prestigious award of the year. Following the AILU Innovation Award in March, the company has now been recognised with the esteemed German Innovation Award.

Additionally, Civan Lasers is honoured to be a finalist for the Laser World of Photonics Innovation Award, with the winner set to be revealed on June 28th during the exhibition.

The latest achievement highlights Civan Lasers’ commitment to revolutionising the field of laser technology. The company has developed a groundbreaking Dynamic Beam Laser technology that is being hailed as the “holy grail” of lasers due to its wide range of applications and unprecedented benefits.

Two of Civan Lasers’ pioneering products have been recognised with these awards. The first is the Dynamic Beam Laser (DBL) with a power level ranging from 7 kW to 28 kW. This cutting-edge laser is specifically designed for welding applications and metal additive manufacturing. By harnessing the power of the DBL, manufacturers can tackle tasks that were previously impossible with conventional lasers, effectively disrupting traditional manufacturing processes. For example, in the welding of ship panels, the DBL can replace a time-consuming 240-minute process with a remarkable 3-minute procedure.

The second product receiving recognition is the DBL 100 kW, which stands as the industry’s most powerful laser at such a high-quality beam (Single Mode). This exceptional technology enables deep penetration welding in wind towers, with a remarkable depth of over 70 mm.

Ami Spira, Marketing Manager of Civan Lasers, expressed delight at the company’s recent accomplishments. “The series of awards we have received is a testament to the recognition of our innovative technology and the immense potential it holds to disrupt the laser market for welding applications,” Spira stated.

Civan Lasers continues to push the boundaries of laser technology, providing groundbreaking solutions that revolutionise various industries. The company’s commitment to innovation and its ability to deliver transformative products have cemented its position as a leader in the laser industry.

Contact: Ami Spira