Coherent expands the PAVOS family of Faraday rotators and isolators

Coherent has expanded the company’s PAVOS family of Faraday rotators and isolators with new models featuring a 4 mm clear aperture.

Designed to meet the demanding performance required from today’s solid-state lasers, the new 4 mm PAVOS + and 4 mm PAVOS + Ultra are ideal for preventing optical feedback and back reflections. The standard PAVOS + devices are specified for use with up to 50 W of laser power while the PAVOS + Ultra is rated for high power applications up to 150 W.

Both devices are available as a rotator or integrated with input and output crossed polarisers to provide >33 dB of isolation while maintaining very high (>95%) transmission., thanks in part of their use of optically contact PBS cubes.

The PAVOS + and PAVOS + Ultra isolators contain rejected beam escape ports and are adjustable to handle any angle of linear input polarisation without additional optics. The new 4 mm PAVOS + and PAVOS + Ultra are competitively priced in small quantity or high volumes making it an ideal candidate for system integration or lab use.

These devices can be seen at the Coherent booth A5.321, Laser Show in Munich.

Contact: Mike Batchelor