Coherent’s laser subsystems give precision welding & cutting

Coherent Corp. has introduced the PowerLine FL series of fiber laser subsystems that are fully integrated, easy to install, and simple to operate for precision welding and cutting.

Lasers are replacing conventional tools at a growing pace for a wide range of precision manufacturing applications from automotive, including electric vehicles, to consumer goods and home appliances. This is driving the demand for cost-efficient, fully configured, simple to integrate subsystems that offer a compelling cost of ownership model. The new PowerLine FL series greatly minimises capital expenditures with new lower output power options that excel at a wide range of precision welding and cutting applications.

“Customers look to Coherent for a broad range of capabilities that they can trust and rely on for the long term,” said Dr. Alexander Roth, Vice President and Managing Director, Laser Systems Business Unit. “They have confidence in our ability to configure solutions tailored to their exact requirements and in the most cost-effective way. They also know that they can depend on our service and support network to turn up their manufacturing lines in a short amount of time.”

The PowerLine FL series now comes with continuous wave output powers of 200 W, 400 W, and 600 W. They are also available in pulsed configurations with output powers of 150 W average, 1.5 kW peak and 300 W average, 3 kW peak. These laser subsystems can be configured with either scan heads or fixed optic precision focus heads. For other applications, the PowerLine FL can be equipped with Coherent’s intelligent wobble heads such as the PH10 SmartWeld+ or the new PH20 SmartWeld+. Both scan heads and focus heads can be integrated with the Coherent SmartSense+, a processing monitoring tool.

The new and innovative Laser FrameWork software suite is available with every system configuration and seamlessly integrates the vision and process monitoring capabilities into one intuitive user interface. The PowerLine FL can also be integrated into the StarCut Tube, ExactCut, and ExactWeld systems.

Coherent supports its customers through customised service agreements that are backed by a global service network staffed with factory-trained service engineers. Through Coherent Labs, Coherent collaborates with its customers to anticipate and solve their most difficult manufacturing challenges.

Contact: Michael Batchelor