Cut Tec’s large-scale etching on wood

Barnsley-based Cutting Technologies was contacted recently by a local artist and designer, Sarah Jane Palmer, who asked whether the company could laser etch on a large scale.

Sarah wanted to use discs of MDF approximately 1 m diameter to create an art installation for an exhibition she is holding later in the year. 

The artist provided very detailed graphics of her design which were processed and prepared by Cut Tec ready for laser etching. The work was carried out on their large-format 3 m x 2 m CO2 lasers (Trotec and Eurolaser). The MDF discs were raster etched at full power and each took an 8-hour shift to complete.

In the images the dark brown areas are the relief that has been etched away by about 1 mm. This gives the desired contrast to the top layer.

Contact: Leon Allen