Cyan Tec launches Laser Workstation

Cyan Tec is proud to launch a new laser workstation. Built using a standard fabricated base frame and guard structure, the machine aesthetics are designed to fit within Cyan Tec’s range of modular laser cells.

The design of the workstation has a spacious internal working area that can be configured to suit the particular application, including the supply of bespoke fixtures and tooling. Originally designed for laser processing such as cutting, welding and marking, it is ultimately reconfigurable, so Cyan Tec has the flexibility to use this same machine design to perform other tasks such as leak testing and assembly operations.

A sliding door system at the front of the machine ensures easy access for loading and unloading operations, as well as maintenance access when required.

In terms of the control system, the machine is designed to house all control elements (other than ancillaries such as extraction and chiller units) in the base of the machine. With floor space often a key driver for customers, the idea is to keep the machine footprint to a minimum.

The workstation includes a HMI / monitor stand attached to the main guard frame to allow operator interaction with the system during machine operation and maintenance.

Contact: Tony Jones