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Training Workshop: Laser Safety Awareness & Laser Safety Officer
Pro-Lite Technology, in association with laser safety experts LASERVISION/UVEX ACADEMY, offers two levels of safety training for those working with lasers. Both training workshops have been designed to align with the guidance provided in BS EN 60825.

Module A: Laser Safety Awareness Training
This module provides an awareness of laser safety and explains the risks, your rights and your responsibilities when working with lasers. The one day workshop provides an easily-digestible training on the basic physics of lasers, primary and secondary hazards, legal requirements, safety measures and the rights and responsibilities of laser users. This training is intended to be easily understood, low on maths and perfect for those working with lasers in industry, universities, hospitals and research institutes who wish to keep up to date with laser safety.

Module B: Laser Safety Officer Training
For those that have completed the Laser Safety Awareness Training Module, the laser safety officer training explains the legal and legislative framework that applies to the safe use of lasers, and the responsibilities and duties of the designated laser safety officer. Delegates will be expected to complete sample laser safety calculations. Please note that it is a requirement for organisations working with class 3B, 3R and 4 lasers to appoint a named laser safety officer. Please refer to BS EN 60825 (part 14, Users’ Guide) for further explanation.

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