Amada UK Ltd

Amada offer several ranges of flatbed lasers, including hybrid drive and flying optic designs; also punch/laser combination machines. Bed sizes range from 1250 x 1250 to 4000 x 2000mm. All are CO2 laser-based, with powers up to 4kW. Features include auto nozzle changer and automatic material load/unload options. The Amada FOL3015 AJ laser cutting machine sets a new benchmark for cut speed and quality. Drawing on an extensive experience in laser technology, drive systems and software solutions, Amada introduce the next generation of laser processing; the FOL3015 AJ. Axis speeds of 340 m/min and high quality laser cutting at superfast speeds are delivered from a compact footprint. Both machine and beam generation are designed developed by Amada, delivering perfectly synchronised components for optimum performance. The short wave laser beam also provides an expanded process range for materials including copper, brass and titanium. The FOL technology also features low energy consumption and long maintenance cycles. Available with 4kW or 2kW fibre laser.

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