How was the Committee set up?

The Early Career Researchers (ECRs) Committee was set up in October 2017 to increase the visibility and engagement of younger members within AILU. The aim is that, as the careers of ECRs develop through industry and academia, they will maintain contact with AILU and encourage the next generation of industrial laser users.

There are added benefits for the Committee members, such as increased networking with peers at other academic/research institutions and businesses, profile-raising, and the addition of new skills to enhance CVs.

The initial focus of the ECR initiative was to produce a column of articles and features for the AILU’s magazine, “The Laser User”.


What’s happening now?

The role of the ECRs had expanded since the Committee was formed. Members regularly submit short features to their dedicated page in the magazine, and in addition, contribute in-depth 2-page R&D articles as well as observations on other authors’ articles.

Committee meetings are held twice a year, usually December and June. Until the COVID pandemic, these meetings were held face-to-face and hosted by one of the members. The meetings often involved a tour of the facilities at the different institutions. Since the pandemic the meetings have been virtual but we hope to return to live or hybrid meetings as soon as possible.


Interested in joining?

Committee meetings are very informal and relaxed and you will be made very welcome. There are between 15-20 members of the committee at any one time and it is open to anyone who fulfils the following criteria:

  • current Masters and PhD students
  • researchers who are within 5 years of a completed postgraduate degree
  • those in the early stages of their career in industry
  • others for whom supervisors/line managers would like to make a special case

If you are interested in joining please contact the Chair via AILU (