EOS partnership with Hyperganic advances space propulsion

EOS has announced an exclusive partnership to advance the field of space propulsion with Hyperganic, a company that aims to accelerate innovation in engineering through its ground-breaking software platform.

EOS and Hyperganic will collaborate to improve the design and performance of space propulsion components. By integrating Hyperganic Core, an AI-powered algorithmic engineering software platform, into EOS’ high-end digital additive manufacturing solutions, freedom of design is revolutionised.

Freedom of design has always been one of the guiding principles of AM, enabling part structures and applications that were impossible to manufacture using traditional production processes. The partnership between EOS and Hyperganic now takes this approach to the next level.

One example is the aerospike rocket engine designed by Hyperganic and manufactured by EOS and AMCM, an EOS GROUP company. The aerospike engine, classically considered a tremendous engineering and manufacturing challenge, was built from the ground up using an algorithmic model by Hyperganic. One of the hundreds of designs produced by Hyperganic in just days was printed on EOS M 400-4. The highly complex part was printed with zero support using the newly developed EOS NickelAlloy IN718 process. Consequently, the aerospike engine was automatically reengineered for  production on a substantially larger AMCM M 4K system from AMCM in EOS CopperAlloy CuCrZr. The combination of this level of design complexity with the capability to print in this size in a reliable manner, will drive the next innovations in space propulsion.

Photo credit: EOS/Hyperganic – EOS NickelAlloy IN718 aerospike nozzle

Contact: Garth Stevenson