Fimark shows laser engraving mastery on exclusive watch dial

James Lamb Watches embarked on a journey to create an exceptional and exclusive timepiece collection, the Origin “Azur,” limited to 12 pieces for Collective Horology and The Limited Edition UK.

The objective was to infuse the design with the intricate geometric patterns of the sea surface, requiring precision and flawless execution. The quest for the perfect enamel translucency presented a challenge – a precisely controlled depth of engraving was essential to ensure the enamel’s ideal balance between translucency and opaqueness. Additionally, the watch dial needed to be blemish-free for the perfect aesthetic.

Turning to Fimark for their renowned laser expertise, James Lamb’s challenge found a seamless solution. Fimark took the outline design for the Azur watch dial, created the facets in CAD and used their sophisticated laser CAM software to translate the CAD design into a beam path strategy to ensure a flawless, blemish-free dial – a crucial step for the success of the subsequent vitreous enamelling process.

Fimark’s unparalleled laser mastery and commitment to precision positioned them as the perfect partner for James Lamb’s vision.  Their expertise in CAD and sophisticated laser programming set them apart in the industry, offering expert solutions to intricate challenges faced by their clients. The end result for this project was a state of the art, blemish-free dial showcasing the highest level of craftsmanship for James Lamb’s intricate enamel work.

Contact: Charles Dean