Industry-first 5 year warranty & double energy on Fluence laser

Fluence Technology is introducing new, higher energy versions of its popular Jasper X0 series of femtosecond lasers, along with an industry-first 5-year oscillator warranty for the complete Jasper X0 series.

“It has been over 20 years since our journey with fiber technology began, providing us ample time to perfect the new-generation femtosecond technology.” says Michał Nejbauer, the CEO and co-founder of Fluence Technology.

Fluence’s all-fibre technology and Passive Interference Modelocking (PIM) have provided years of superior performance and durability compared to alternative technologies such as SESAM (semiconductor saturable absorber mirror) and Kerr lens oscillator. SESAM oscillators, widely used in many laser sources on the market, are known to degrade frequently over the first few thousand operational hours due to thermal damage. Similarly, Kerr lens modelocking is susceptible to misalignment caused by changing environmental conditions and material relaxation over time. Now, the proprietary all-fiber oscillator technology from Fluence’s PIM oscillator is supported by extensive field application data, enabling a significant increase in the warranty for this oscillator. From the end of June, every Jasper X0 laser source’s oscillator will come with a 5-year unlimited running hours warranty, providing customers with tangible proof of Fluence’s confidence in its revolutionary laser technology.

“Delivering to our customers a 5-year warranty on the oscillator in all our Jasper X0 femtosecond lasers demonstrates our confidence in the superiority of the all-fiber technology. Buying a femtosecond laser is a strategic investment for many years. Hence, our extended warranty on the oscillator, the most important part of an ultrafast laser, makes the decision easier and gives customers added peace of mind.” says Dariusz Świerad, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Fluence Technology.

Expanded Energy Capabilities

Fluence’s Jasper X0 series, renowned for femtosecond laser machining, now offers double the maximum pulse energy. The upgraded lasers boast superior performance, enabling faster process speed and higher material ablation rates. The Jasper X0-30 model delivers 30 W power output with an impressive pulse energy cap of 200 µJ (doubled from 100 µJ) at frequencies up to 150 kHz. For increased power and throughput, the Jasper X0-60 achieves the same maximum pulse energy of 200 µJ, operating at a maximum frequency of 300 kHz and outputting 60 W. These enhancements provide exceptional speed and versatility for various laser applications, including scientific research and materials processing.

Fluence: Advancing Laser Technology

Fluence remains committed to advancing ultrafast laser technology, enabling customers to achieve outstanding results in their applications. With the energy-doubled Jasper Laser Series and the unprecedented 5-year oscillator warranty, Fluence reinforces its position as a trusted partner and industry leader.

Fluence lasers are available from UK suppliers Laser Lines.

Contact: Dave Earl