IPG Photonics launches newest member of LightWELD family

IPG Photonics has announced the launch of LightWELD XR, the third product offering within their handheld laser welding and cleaning product line.

Revolutionary Handheld Laser Solution with Extended Capabilities

LightWELD XR provides an extended range of handheld laser welding and cleaning capabilities to address more materials and thicknesses than previous LightWELD models by producing a much smaller spot size delivering more than six times the energy density. This increase in focused energy makes weld penetration of thicker materials easier, faster, and deeper while minimising the heat-affected zone and reducing distortion or deformation of the surrounding surface area.

The expanded range of materials includes aluminium 6XXX series, nickel alloys, titanium, and copper providing fabricators the most versatile handheld laser welder on the market. Compared with previous models, LightWELD XR extends the welding range of material thicknesses on steel and aluminium up to 6.35 mm (0.250’’), titanium and nickel alloys up to 5.00 mm (.200’’) and copper up to 2.00 mm (0.080’’).

LightWELD XR also offers expanded laser cleaning capabilities to cover these new materials. Pre-cleaning improves weld quality by removing grease, oils, rust, and excessive oxide coatings from materials. Post-weld cleaning increases productivity and reduces scrap by removing soot, weld-related debris, and any discolouration without abrasives or grinding.

“LightWELD XR is yet another fibre laser innovation that I am proud to be a part of,” said Trevor Ness, SVP Worldwide Sales and Strategic Business Development. “With more material and thickness capabilities plus greater ease of use, we are able to offer our customers a robust turnkey laser solution for some of their biggest challenges.”

With LightWELD XR, fabricators can quickly upskill their labor force and stay ahead of production backlogs due to its ease of use and simple operation. Optimised factory presets enable new LightWELD operators to quickly achieve high-quality results, and for more challenging projects, seasoned welders create and store custom parameters for the job to be passed on to less-experienced welders who recall the custom presets to keep production going, without compromising quality.

Built-in wobble welding functionality further increases capability by providing up to 5 mm additional weld width for parts with poor fit-up while creating highly aesthetic seams. LightWELD also ships with presets for optional wire feeding and typical wire types for low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals and alloys.

Image: LightWELD XR Laser Welding ¼” Steel


Contact: Stan Wilford