What is a Laser Job Shop?

We define a laser job shop as any commercial organisation that uses industrial lasers and complementary techniques for profit. Membership of AILU automatically entitles such laser users to free membership of the Job Shop Group.


The Job Shop Special Interest Group

The Jobshop SIG is run by Committee. Making a success of running a laser job shop is more of a challenge than ever and the committee believes that the growth of the laser Job Shop Group (established in 1999) to its current level has clearly demonstrated that there is a need and much to be gained from the group’s activities.


Current Committee Members

John Powell Laser Expertise
Anton Schwarz Laser Expertise
Dave Lindsey Laser Processing Consultant
Leon Allen Cutting Technology
Mark Hannon Midtherm Laser
Neil Main Micrometric
Chris Waters Micrometric
Charles Dean Fimark
Richard Morris Oxford Lasers
Michael Gaukroger Oxford Lasers
Simon Tregillus GF Laser
Matthew Orford Yorkshire Laser


Benefits of membership

Networking lunch at the Job Shop Business Meeting 2021
  • Networking opportunities. We run a business meeting a year for group members and invited guests, with key presentations on topics of common concern and interest.
  • Advice on technical and safety matters. We run a free over-the-phone consultancy service.
  • Sales leads. Sales leads from our Products and Services Directory are automatically forwarded to all relevant Job Shop members.
  • Free surveys. We conduct one or two surveys a year of commercial value to laser job shops. These surveys are free to participate in, and only participants receive the survey results, with total anonymity. Recent topics have included gas and electricity costs, and breakdown satisfaction.


Job Shop Member Quotes

“Visits to other AILU Job Shops have allowed us to implement some simple organisational and layout changes to the way we operate”
Neil Main, Micrometric Ltd.

“The Job Shop Electricity Survey highlighted that 2 members spending the same monthly amount on electricity had an 11% difference in overall cost per unit – highlighting a potential annual saving of almost £20,000”
John Powell, Laser Expertise Ltd.

“The annual AILU Breakdown Response Survey allows us to hold the laser suppliers to account for their level of customer support.  Pressure from AILU Job Shops has resulted in positive improvements from the suppliers.”
Mark Millar, Essex Laser Ltd.

“Attending the AILU Job Shop Annual Business Meeting enabled us to make a back-dated claim under the R&D Tax Credit Scheme for almost £30,000. I came away convinced of the benefits of membership”
Mark Hannon, Midtherm Laser Ltd.

“We were introduced to Cost Care – specialists in business taxation – at the 2018 Job Shop Annual Business Meeting. They are working with us to reclaim R&D Tax Credits over a 5-year period. We have made 3 successful claims so far – £15K, £17K and £19K.“
John Powell, Laser Expertise Ltd.