AILU Membership


Connecting laser professionals worldwide


Who are our members?

AILU’s membership is a global community of laser users from industry and academia, as well as manufacturers and suppliers of laser-related equipment and services. Although based in the UK a significant proportion of our members come from outside the UK.

Our membership includes large and small company representatives, academics (staff and students), technical experts, Job Shop business owners, early career researchers and more.


Why Join AILU?

AILU helps members share industry information and R&D knowledge. We disseminate information through events and publications. Join AILU to make valuable connections in the laser community.


How much does it cost to join AILU?

There are various categories of annual membership for different organisation types. The table below shows the different membership options and associated costs

Corporate Membership
Laser materials processing companies with 1 named representative.
£460 + VAT Join Now
*Academic A (2 staff, 5 students)
Universities, R&D Institutions
£680 + VAT Join Now
*Academic B (3 staff, 5 students)
Universities, R&D Institutions
£920 + VAT Join Now
*Academic C (5 staff, unlimited students)
Universities, R&D Institutions
£1,370 + VAT Join Now
Small Company (Less than 5 employees)
Small companies with an annual turnover of less than £1m.
£220 + VAT Join Now
Individual Membership*
Any additional employees of a Corporate Member company, or persons whose business activities are unrelated to laser materials processing.
£115 + VAT Join Now

All prices above exclude VAT (20%).

*Academic Memberships Note: includes named staff and students (undergraduate or postgraduate)  and names reviewed annually. Membership includes all the benefits associated with AILU Corporate membership.

AILU annual membership rates begin on 1 December each year. If you join after that, the fee is calculated pro-rata. Email to find out more.