Lantek Expert & iQuoting pays dividends for small companies

Lantek Expert & iQuoting pays dividends for small companies

Many subcontract sheet metal companies have one or two laser cutting machines and rely on a continual and rapid turnover of new and repeat business to support their business models.

To achieve sufficient revenue, companies need to generate a high volume of quotations. This requires skill and experience and is very time consuming, often working with a series of Excel spreadsheets to calculate prices and margins. Lantek’s strategy is to offer a suite of software that solves this problem, taking away the need for specialist knowledge, using AI and 35 years of experience in the industry to generate accurate quotations in a few minutes.

To drive their laser cutting machines companies must have a suitable programming and nesting software package. With Lantek Expert subcontractors will get the benefit of 35 years of software development and will also be able to run virtually any make and model of cutting machine from the over 1,400 supported by the software. As well as laser machines, Lantek Expert supports punching, plasma, oxy-cut, tube cutting and combination machines, giving manufacturers the ability to choose whichever make, model or technology of machine that suits their business and budget best.

Within Lantek Expert nesting of a mix of components or a kit of parts is easily achieved, as is the ability to nest and manage remnants, maximising material utilisation, while automating the programming of parts and utilising the full capabilities of each make and model of machine to the full. A key advantage of the intelligence within Lantek Expert is the accuracy of the processing times and material utilisation figures it produces which can in turn be used in quote generation.

Lantek iQuoting builds on this accuracy, importing CAD data and using AI and integration with Lantek Expert to generate the accurate quotations within a few minutes.

The software is in the cloud and operates as SaaS (software as a service) so it can be operated from anywhere at any time where there is an internet connection with a subscription model for access. CAD data can be imported, and it uses AI and the integration with Lantek Expert, information about material prices, margins, non-CNC operations and subcontract operations to quickly calculate and generate a quotation. The advantage for the manufacturer is rapid response to enquiries, accurate costing and known profit margins for each job and much less administrative effort. Customers will have a much better experience dealing with the manufacturer, always getting competitive and consistent quotations. Other features allow users to examine quote to order ratios and identify where process improvements can be made. iQuoting’s intuitive operation, enables employees with little knowledge of the industry to operate the software and get accurate results, freeing up skilled employees for other tasks.

Muhammed Yilmaz owner of Mehmet Yilmaz GmbH, a German subcontractor with two Nukon lasers and five employees says, “Lantek Expert and iQuoting was precisely what I had been seeking: software that comprehends machine running times, machining durations, and incorporates current material prices in quotation calculations. What previously consumed 20 to 30 minutes and several Excel spreadsheets now takes a mere two to three minutes—and above all, it’s remarkably user-friendly. Even those who seldom engage in quoting grasped it effortlessly.”

He continues, “Following customer acceptance, iQuoting and Lantek Expert seamlessly facilitate nesting for the quotation, determine the required materials, and calculate the feasible delivery date. At the touch of a button, the quotation promptly transforms into a work order, ready for immediate production—encompassing quantities, materials, and all other necessary steps—eliminating the need for redundant data entry. This signifies true digitalisation!”

Contact: Adam Ball