Laser Expertise celebrates its 40th anniversary

Who would have thought that a chance meeting in the queue for Genesis tickets back in 1974 would develop into a steadfast friendship and eventual business partnership as Anton Schwarz & John Powell launched Laser Expertise Ltd in February 1984.

Starting with a rebuilt laser, four staff and several boxes of milk chocolate Hob-Nobs, the business has seen huge changes over the years. It has transformed from a laser cutting company, to laser cutting plus fabrication, to full-blown subcontract manufacturer – employing 80 people, a handful of whom now have over 25 years’ service.

With state-of-the-art Bystronic laser fibre cutting systems, CNC press brakes, welding and painting etc, Laser Expertise is now a One-Stop-Shop. It has provided screens to Channel 4’s Big Brother, housings for ventilators during Covid, shiny gold butterflies for Christian Dior’s Christmas trees, stencils for Costa Coffee’s chocolate “sprinkles”, as well as more run of the mill items that you might expect.

Contact: John Powell