Laser Lines to demonstrate cutting-edge laser and AM solutions

On its stands at MACH (NEC, 15th – 19th April) , Laser Lines will be showcasing a range of 3D printing technologies and there will be live demonstrations of laser welding and marking.

Additive Manufacturing solutions

On its additive manufacturing stand (17-431), Laser Lines will be showcasing a range of 3D printing technologies including the Stratasys F370CR FDM and J55 Polyjet printers, the XactMetal XM200C and the Ultimaker S7.

The Stratasys F370CR is the perfect FDM additive manufacturing machine for more demanding projects that require stronger, stiffer parts with greater impact resistance. With a large build volume, the F370CR can process high performance, composite materials, such as FDM Nylon-CF10 , which combines nylon and carbon fibre to produce parts that are 50% stronger and 20% stiffer, while remaining lightweight. The F370CR is perfect for creating jigs and fixtures, which it can do so much faster than when using traditional methods. FDM Nylon-CF10 is ideal for creating customised tools with the power and flexibility that additive manufacturing affords.

For companies that want to reduce the time it takes to prototype a product, the Stratasys J55 full colour polyjet printer can print models efficiently in over 500,000 colours. With a compact footprint, the Stratasys J55 3D printer’s multi-material printing ability produces models that look and feel like the real thing, helping designers to improve their designs faster and reducing misunderstandings during the sign-off process. The Stratasys J55 saves 97% in time and 80% in cost compared to traditional modelling techniques.

Also on show will be the XM200C metal powder-bed fusion 3D printer from Xact Metal, which is a compact and affordable system that can produce quality metal parts from a variety of metal powders at a low cost. Bringing a new level of price and performance to metal 3D printing for entry-level operators for the first time, the XM200C is perfect for universities, prototyping laboratories and small to medium enterprises that require multiple machines.

With a maximum build volume of 330 x 240 x 300mm, the Ultimaker S7 combines a large build volume with an integrated air manager to improve environmental control and to better regulate the temperature of the build chamber. A flexible PEI coated build plate makes it easier than ever to remove prints, while new sensors and placement pins make it simple to put the build plate back in place. With true set and forget technology, this machine produces excellent parts without the hassle of other machines.

 Industrial laser solutions

This year at MACH on stand 14-421, Laser Lines will be demonstrating the Sisma LMDt welding solution in a CE approved Class 1 workstation live. Plus, it will be displaying a broad range of Sisma lasers including the newest product in its offering, the Sisma EasyGo. Other offerings on show from the portfolio will be the Laserline LDM Laser Rack, Laserline OTS Optics and a Novanta CO2 laser, a Sisma LMB welding laser, LC Laser Cleaner and LC Laser Welder.

Laser Lines is continually expanding the range of lasers it provides. Working closely with leading providers, it offers the widest selection of welding and marking lasers in the UK. Some of these include desktop welding lasers, which are perfect for smaller-scale projects; open and closed XYZ systems for exceptional control and accuracy; manual and 5-Axis CNC for robotic welding as well as integrable lasers for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Contact: Dave Earl