12 December 2007

Advances in lasers and beam delivery enabling new industrial applications

  • Sector: lasers and beam delivery
  • Location: Trinity Centre, Cambridge Science Park
  • Attendees: All Welcome

A 1 day workshop of presentations, exhibition & clinic of laser activities within the Department of Engineering in the Cambridge University’s Institute of Manufacturing.

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About this event

Despite close to 50 years of active development, laser sources and related technologies continue to make major strides, especially in the areas of fibre delivery and high quality high power semi conductor and solid state ultra-short pulse and CW lasers, with no end yet in sight.

In 2006 AILU organised a workshop devoted exclusively fibre lasers; it was a complete sell-out. Fibre lasers feature largely in this workshop also; indeed, a whole afternoon on the subject! But this event also addresses state-of-the-art fibre delivery and short pulse lasers. Indeed, the workshop aims to balance these topics with descriptions of the new or improved commercial applications that they make possible.

As a laser user association, AILU is keen to emphasise the importance of striking a balance between the 'technology push' of laser research with the 'user pull' of requirements for new and improved industrial applications for cutting, welding, drilling, milling applications, from micro and micro scale, from metal to polymers, from niche markets to mass manufacture.
For delegates at this workshop, we aim to challenge conventional thinking about the industrial performance and applications capability of laser technology and to pointing the way to new opportunities for manufacturing industry.

An opportunity

One of the key features of an AILU workshop is the opportunity it provides for delegates to meet with the presenters and with one another: a comfortable environment, generous lunch and refreshment breaks, a table top exhibition adjacent to the presentation suite and a clinic - a quiet area for prearranged meetings for delegates who would like to discuss particular issues with one of the speakers.

Who should attend?

The wide scope of this event means that there is something for everyone in the laser user and supplier community, but especially:

  • Forward-looking engineers and managers from manufacturing industry looking to enhance production capabilities or simply to keep abreast of the latest developments in manufacturing.
  • Job shop owners looking for new technology pathways and new opportunities in services.
  • Researchers in laser materials processing interested in improving their industrial perspective.


09:00 - 09:30 Registration and refreshments

09:30 Introduction
Bill O'Neil as Chair

09:40 Overview of laser technology, beam delivery and applications
Stewart Williams, Cranfield University

10:00 - 10:40 Beam Delivery

Recent advances in fibre based high power laser beam delivery
David Richardson, Optoelectronics Research Centre, Southampton University

Pulse length and beam shape – efficient material removal by laser
Dave MacLellan, Rofin Baasel

10:40 Refreshments

11:10 - 12:50 Short pulse lasers

Micromachining with high average power picosecond lasers
Andrew Kearsley, Oxford Lasers

New perspectives in the laser microdrilling
Alain Biernaux, Lasag Switzerland

Reducing laser processing variability in turbine engine manufacturing – three developments and their implications
Mark Barry, Laserdyne USA

Applications of UV-DPSS lasers
Finlay Colville, Coherent

Kilowatt Class Q-switched Nanosecond Pulse DPSS Lasers Used In Global Manufacturing of Flat Panel Displays and Solar Cells
Matt Henry, Powerlase

12:50 Lunch, clinic and exhibition

13:50 - 15:10 Fibre and disk lasers

High Brightness cutting and welding
Bill O’Neill, Cambridge University

Industrial multi-kW CW and QCW fibre lasers: micro- to macro-scale applications
Sergei Popov, IPG

Pulsed fibre laser applications
Jack Gabzdyl, SPI Lasers

Disk lasers: the technology and its applications within the industry
Gunther Albrecht, PrenovaTec Germany

15:10 Refreshments

15:10 - 16:40 Fibre and disk lasers (cont)

Novel ultrafast fibre laser source in micro-machining aerospace applications
Paul French, Lairdside Laser Engineering Centre, Liverpool University

Improvement in laser material processing with low power fibre laser with enhanced peak power feature
Mo Naeem, GSI Group

A method of laser beam surface modification using the Surfi-Sculpt® process
Paul Hilton, TWI

Far East manufacture of YAG/Fibre laser debris shields
Les Stearns, VLOC USA


The Centre for Industrial Photonics (CIP) within the Institute of Manufacturing.
Due to movement of premises there will not be a tour of the Centre for Industrial Photonics (CIP). However, for those of you who are interested Bill O’Neill will be making a short presentation about the Centre’s work.

The CIP is at the forefront in the application of industrial laser systems in precision manufacturing and advanced materials processing, developing leading-edge technologies and transforming them into commercially viable processes for industry. It achieves this through strong collaborative partnerships with government, academia and industry. The Centre is part of a global network of photonics-based research and education organisations that seek to deliver excellence in research, education, technology transfer and photonics-based business developments.

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