7 July 2008

Laser processing of micro-optics and interconnects

  • Sector: micro:nano group
  • Location: Online - at Photonics KTN portal
  • Attendees: All Welcome


The Micro:Nano Group is delighted to present the first AILU lecture which is part of the Photonics KTN lunchtime lecture series.

Laser processing of micro-optics and interconnects

Mike Osborne, OpTek Systems

Laser processing of quartz optical components can be both rapid, flexible, reproducible and accurate. It allows production of geometries which are difficult or impossible to achieve by other means. The non-contact process allows on-line inspection of many different geometries such as single optical interconnects, multi-fibre ribbon cables and other micro-optical components. Laser cleaving is fast accurate process which reduces the likelihood of failure at both the processing stage and during deployment in the field.

If you missed the recent micro-processing workshop it is an excellent opportunity for you to hear Mike talking about this with an opportunity to ask questions after his presentation.



AILU would like to provide names of people available to give this type of lecture to a broader audience to promote laser processing.

If you would like to suggest a topic and speaker for this forum please contact Anna O'Neil.


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Our lunchtime lecture series will cover a wide range of topics and will be delivered as an online webinar. Each webinar will be given at 1pm, generally with either a presentation or talk for about 20-25 minutes and then time for interactive questions afterwards.

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