18-21 March 2013

The 2013 International Laser Safety Conference (ILSC)

  • Sector: Conference
  • Location: Orlando, FA, USA
  • Attendees: All welcome

                                    "The World's Leading Conference on Laser Safety"

Conference General Chair:
Benjamin Rockwell, Ph.D, AFRL/RHDO, Brooks City-base, Texas, USA

The 2013 International Laser Safety Conference (ILSC® ) is a comprehensive four-day conference covering all aspects of laser safety practice and hazard control. Scientific sessions will address developments in regulatory, mandatory and voluntary safety standards for laser products and for laser use. The Practical Applications Seminars (PAS) complement the Scientific Sessions by exploring everyday scenarios that the LSO and MLSO may encounter. Professionals in all fields and applications will find ILSC 2013 a tremendous source for information and networking opportunities.

Sponsorship is open to all companies and institutions (industrial, medical and educational) within the laser industry. ILSC provides several levels of sponsorship to give your company the opportunity to connect with ILSC and Practical Applications Seminar attendees. Sponsorships include conference registration, advertising opportunites and prominent signage during your company's event. All sponsor levels include booth space at the Tuesday evening Sponsor Reception. This exhibit gives vendors and attendees the opportunity to meet and offers vendors the chance to experience ILSC firsthand.

The conference provides vital information for people in industry, medicine, government and academia with laser safety responsibilities including:

  • Laser Safety Officers
  • Medical Laser Safety Officers
  • Industrial Hygienists
  • Safety Product Manufacturers
  • Nurses
  • Medical Technicians
  • Safety Product Manufacturers
  • Laser Physicists
  • Safety Engineers
  • Insurance & Risk Managers
  • Biomedical & Biophysical Researchers
  • Health Physicists
  • Government & Military Personnel
  • Environmental Health & Safety Professionals
  • Entertainment Lighting Producers

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IMPORTANT: Remember AILU Members can attend at LIA member rates.


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