3 October 2013

Lasers in Industrial Processing

  • Sector: Laser Processing
  • Location: OpTIC St Asaph Business Park
  • Attendees: All Welcome

The TSB is launching a funding call worth £1M related to advanced manufacturing and industrial processing using lasers. The call will have two strands:

1. Application of laser technologies in manufacturing
2. Laser Sources for industrial processing

The TSB will seek proposals for collaborative pre industrial feasibility studies with a maxim total project value of £175K with a maximum funding of 75% for SME’s.

This networking event will inform participants about the call and stimulate ideas about the use of lasers in manufacturing and aims to encourage the uptake of laser use in the manufacturing and materials communities, something the UK is lacking behind its major competitors from the US and Germany. For that reason, all events will include a guided tour of facilities that can show lasers in action on manufacturing and processing of materials. There will also be a keynote speaker talking about how lasers are being used in the production environment and what benefits they have brought. Finally the event will give ample opportunity to network and meet new people across a diverse community.

Register at: Similar events in Edinburgh 1.10.13, Birmingham 4.10.13 and Bristol 18.10.13 see for the links


09.30 Registration and coffee

10.00 Guided tour and overview of Laser Micromachining Ltd
Nadeem Rizvi

11.00 Welcome (back in OpTIC)
Louise Jones, ESP KTN

11.05 Research in Laser Materials Processing – The need for support
Martin Sharp, GERI, Liverpool John Moores University

11.20 How Lasers are applied to Additive Manufacturing
Louise Geekie, Croft Additive Manufacturing

11.50 Project Pitches
Please advise if you require a 5 minute pitch

12.15 Lunch and Networking

13.15 Introduction to ‘Lasers in industrial processing’ call
Myrddin Jones, TSB

14.00 Q & A about call

14.15 Finish

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