6 November 2013

Formation of an AILU Special Interest Group addressing Table Top Laser Machine Safety

  • Sector: Machine Safety Group
  • Location: TLM Laser, 2, Navigation Court, Harris Business Park, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove B60 4BD
  • Attendees: AILU Members & guests




Invited AILU Corporate members and guests only. In the first instance invites will be restricted to AILU members from an AILU Corporate Member company that manufactures and/or sells desktop laser processing systems and/or associated equipment. If you wish to attend and do not receive an email invite by 27 August 2013, please contact the AILU office.

Registration: Registration is free but you must apply at the AILU office by email or telephone on or before 23 October 2013


TLM Laser, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove B60 4BD.  However, the venue is to be confirmed, depending on numbers of delegates - please check a few days prior to the Event.

Aims of the meeting

The aim of this ½ day meeting is to assess the need and motivation within the AILU membership for a Table Top Laser Machine Safety Special Interest Group (SIG) to be formed; and, if the outcome is sufficiently positive, to agree the aims and objectives for the SIG and the next steps.


It was over a few cups of coffee shared between Dean Carpenter (Laserite) and Andy Toms (TLM Laser), stand holders in the AILU pavilion at MACH 2012, that the seeds of a potential new initiative were born. Like others in the laser community, Dean and Andy were concerned about the proliferation of unsafe (and often though by no means always, low cost) table top laser processing machines, especially when they get into the hands of users who are largely unaware of the hazards these machines can present. The preliminary ideas put forward were summarised in an article in the 2012 Spring issue of the AILU magazine.

At the time, Dean and Andy wanted AILU to become involved to get the message out to those selling and buying laser materials processing machines and a conference call was organised where Derek Roberts (Bofa), Mike Barrett (Pro Laser), Martin Sharp (LJMU) and Neil Main (Micrometric) joined them for discussions on the way forward.


09:30 – 10:00 Arrival and refreshments

10:00 – 12:30 Review of tabled material and discussion.
Tabled material includes:

(i) PowerPoint presentation of the main safety concerns of current tabletop systems (summarising information provided by a selection of AILU members);

(ii) Background feature from The Laser User magazine;

(iii) Draft SIG proposal.

12:30 (aprox) light sandwich lunch and departures.


There is no registration fee but in the first instance the meeting is only open to members of AILU Corporate Member companies that manufacture and/or sell desktop laser processing systems and/or associated equipment.

If you are keen to attend you should contact the AILU office ASAP to avoid disappointment and in any case not later than the cut-off date of 23 October 2013.

After you have registered, please check the web site a few days before the event in case the venue has had to be changed because of numbers.

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