3 April 2019

SteelScout enquiries grow ten-fold in 2018/19

Disruptive technology-led online steel buying platform, SteelScout, received ten times more enquiries in the last 12 months than it did compared to the previous financial year. Customer feedback collected by SteelScout shows the increase in demand is due to cost-competitiveness and the greater level of convenience offered by the platform, which launched in 2017.

SteelScout allows steel buyers from across the UK to submit an online quotation request to the platform’s team of experienced steel specialists. Using their exclusive technology and expert knowledge of steel buying, the SteelScout team finds the best possible deal for the buyer from their UK- wide network of more than 70 suppliers. For utmost efficiency, SteelScout guarantees a response to the quotation within 3 hours.

Through their proprietary platform, SteelScout also offers an opportunity for sellers to reach new buyers with the products that they want to quote for.

Matt Yeates, Managing Director of SteelScout, said: “When we started SteelScout we believed that the steel industry, which has typically been traditional and inefficient, was the ideal candidate for digital evolution. The demand for the platform over the past 12 months is testament to the fact that the steel industry and its customers are ready to embrace transparency, efficiency and technology.”

MetalHub, a service that complements SteelScout, is an online marketplace where steel buyers in Yorkshire, Lancashire and the West Midlands can compare suppliers, get instant prices and buy steel products online. Users of MetalHub are given a number of options from more than 25 local suppliers, ensuring not only a wide selection of product, but also complete transparency on pricing and availability.

MetalHub and SteelScout are powered by people with a high level of expertise and experience in the steel industry and steel buying. The platforms are both lead by Matt Yeates, who has more than 15 years working in numerous management and leadership roles within the UK and European steel sector.

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