31 March 2021

Virtual Demo of Motion Control from ACS - Tue 6th April

Take just one hour of your day to attend the virtual seminar demonstrating the most recent innovations and advancements developed by ACS Motion Control.

On Tuesday 6th April between 5 and 6pm (GMT) you can attend a free webinar to explore new tools and capabilities that enable the motion system designer to achieve new levels of machine accuracy and throughput.

Whether you are an engineer designing high-tech machines in semiconductor, electronics manufacturing, laboratory automation, industrial printing, or other fields, you will learn about ACS Motion Control's recent advances in real-time control algorithms and servo performance optimisation tools.

Listen and watch the experts explain and demonstrate the latest innovations and their benefits.

  • A new state-of-the-art control algorithm recently developed by ACS proven to improve accuracy and throughput.
  • Significant extensions and enhancements to our field-proven FRF Analyser, providing improvements to measurement quality while dramatically reducing frequency response measurement time.
  • A new autotuning tool designed to simplify and streamline motor tuning procedures, with capabilities that benefit both novice and advanced control engineers.

Register here:

ACS Motion Control is a member of the PI Group since 2017.


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