13 April 2021

Aerotech presents the new release of the Automation1 control platform

Aerotech develops motion control and positioning systems and associated software solutions. These are used wherever high throughput with absolute precision is required. With the "Automation1 Precision Machine and Motion Control Platform", the manufacturer revolutionised the entire market for precision motion and machine control more than two years ago. With Release 1.2, the logical further development of the innovative control platform is now available.
"Automation1 operates as a complete machine control system with all components and thus offers much more than a mere "motion control", says Simon Smith, European Director of Aerotech, describing the main advantage over comparable solutions. The platform has its own software-based motion controller, which makes it easy to control different positioning systems as well as connected components. Areas of application include automation systems, precision laser processes, and test and inspection processes.
"Our solution offering grows along with our customers' requirements, which is why we have also placed great emphasis on their feedback during the further development of Automation1", Simon Smith continues. "With Release 1.2, we were able to implement some important technological innovations that make the platform as a whole even more integrated and powerful."

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