Lasermet’s Access Keypad provides range of control capabilities

Lasermet’s KP23 Access Keypad is an unparalleled and reliable solution that provides users with a comprehensive range of access control capabilities.

The KP23 Access Keypad is an accessory of ICS-9. It has a dual-channel override feature that offers enhanced functionality by allowing users to override both an associated door and global override all doors in a laser-controlled area (LCA).

The keypad has two timers, which may be programmed to activate for a defined time interval when the correct 4-digit user code is entered. When wired into a Lasermet interlock control system, one output is used to unlock the door and one to activate the override function to allow the door to be opened without tripping out the laser. Furthermore, the global override feature enables users to instantly override all doors within a laser-controlled area, providing a convenient and efficient means of ensuring safety.

The Lasermet’s KP23 Access Keypad with dual channel override is a highly recommended option for professionals in the laser industry who value safety and efficiency. With its advanced access control capabilities and robust design, this keypad contributes to a secure and controlled laser environment, ensuring the well-being of personnel and the protection of valuable equipment.

Contact: Paul Tozer