Light Tunnel Generator improves the efficiency and effectiveness of high power laser cutting

The PowerPhotonic Light Tunnel Generator creates a ring shaped spot that is maintained over such a long distance that it creates a light tunnel.

Light Tunnel Generators are thin glass windows with a unique (patent applied for) precision freeform surface that are designed to be mounted inside a cutting or welding head.They are a perfect solution to the problem of creating a ring shaped intensity profile that persists over 10’s of mm – far into metal that is being laser cut (or welded). We have standard products for collimated high power fiber lasers operating at 1070nm up to 20kW CW power.

The design and manufacturing process makes it easy for variations of standard products to be created. Designs can be quickly modified to work for different beam diameters up to 50mm and/or to work in diverging (or converging) beams.

Key Features: Efficient beam conversion – High power handling – Cost-effective – Customizable for diverging beam – Customizable for beam size

Benefits: Improve laser cutting performance – Cost Effective – Easy to integrate

Target Applications: Laser Cutting – Laser Welding – Laser Drilling


Contact: Sarah Waugh