Luxinar and Dutch partner provide web-based laser cutting that simplifies high-end manufacturing

Netherlands-based Snijlab is partnering with laser manufacturer Luxinar to provide engineers and creative entrepreneurs with a simple and accessible online cutting service for their production parts.

The SR 15i CO2 laser source from Luxinar is integrated in Snijlab’s fully automatic system to cut and mark a variety of plastic and wooden parts.

Established in 2010, Snijlab has clients across Europe in high-end manufacturing, including medical devices, industrial machinery, lighting, and electronics, who need precision cut parts to successfully bring their own products to market.  Luxinar’s SR 15i is used mainly for cutting flat parts that vary between approximately 5mm and 500mm, an example being plastic face shields that were needed during the first phase of COVID-19.

Jiskar Schmitz of Snijlab explains why the company selected a Luxinar CO2 laser source, “High reliability, good beam quality and also power stability.  As our system is automated it needs to be able to produce exactly the same part for days on end.  A drop in power means a scrapped product and since no operator is present, it’s hard to detect. In other machines we used glass lasers but in our experience they are not reliable enough for an application like this.”  Schmitz continues, “…approachability was a factor as well. We are new in the industry and found it’s pretty hard to get good documentation or even price information if you are less experienced and a small buyer.”

SR 15i is from Luxinar’s well-established SR series of sealed CO2 laser sources with powers of up to 250W.  The laser is based on a diffusion-cooled slab principle that gives a high-quality, round, and symmetrical beam and, in addition to cutting, the SR series is used for drilling, engraving, marking, perforating, scribing and welding in a variety of industries.  The 175W-rated SR 15i laser installed in Snijlab’s machine is producing between 4 and 1000+ parts per hour, depending on the material and part size.

Contact: Yannick Galais