Mazak’s entry-level machining centre with large Y-axis stroke

Mazak has responded to market demand for a high-specification entry-level machining centre with a large Y-axis stroke by launching the new VCE-600.

Designed to deliver superior productivity at a competitive price, the new machine is ideal for subcontractors and jobshops looking to invest in machines that make them faster, leaner, greener and more intelligent.

For its category, the VCE offers a generous table size of 1300 mm x 600 mm with a large machining envelope, whilst retaining a compact floorspace. Specifically, the VCE-600 offers increased versatility due to its X/Y/Z axes travel of 1,050/ 600/ 600 mm that together maximise space for workpieces and fixturing.

With productivity at the forefront, the new VCE boasts a 12,000 rpm / 18.5 kW / 119.4 Nm spindle with an electronic two-speed shift. This makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of materials, with power and speed for machining non-ferrous materials and torque and power for steel.

The UK-built VCE-600, the first model of a new range of vertical machining centres, is built to Mazak’s Global Manufacturing Standards with no compromise on build quality. The level of specification mirrors that usually found on premium-priced machines and includes pre-tensioned ballscrews, direct coupled servo motors and linear roller guides on all axes, resulting in high-accuracy agile machining performance with 36 m/min rapid feedrate on all axes. The machine is equipped with a 24-tool magazine as standard, with options available for 30 and 48 tools.

The VCE-600 is equipped with Mazak’s latest CNC, SmoothEz (pronounced ‘easy’), a high-specification CNC developed for entry-level machines, that offers intuitive programming to deliver increased productivity through faster setup, programming and operation.

The 15-inch touchscreen enables programming in two languages, MAZATROL and EIA/ISO for G-code and is customisable to the operator’s own preferences with a full QWERTY keyboard. What’s more, the QUICK MAZATROL function simplifies program creation and confirmation by a conversational dialogue and an instantaneous 3D representation of the programmed part. Mazak’s commitment to operator ergonomics is also evident in the new machine, with a single side-door entry that can be operated single-handedly by the operator.

Similar to many of Mazak’s latest generation of machines, the VCE-600 has been designed for automation, either immediately or as a retrofit for those customers not ready for automation but wanting to futureproof their investment. Predefined automation packages include automatic door-opening and robot interface and hydraulic and pneumatic fixture preparation.

The VCE-600 also has a comprehensive range of measuring packages to aid faster setup and enhance productivity, including the Renishaw RTS toolsetter and the RMP 60 Touch Sensor.


Contact: Ian White