Midtherm Laser in partnership to design and supply local monument

Midtherm Laser is proud to have been chosen, alongside several other local businesses, to work with Dudley Council and the local artist Steve Field in the design and supply of the laser work for the Abraham Darby monument.

Black Country businesses have come together and donated their time, money, and materials to produce this fitting monument to commemorate the birthplace of one of the key figureheads of the Industrial Revolution.

Abraham Darby, who was born in Woodsetton in 1678, developed a new method of producing pig iron in blast furnaces using coke instead of charcoal, which was in short supply at the time. This new method of producing pig iron is widely accredited as playing a hugely important role in the Industrial Revolution, and is depicted in the monument centred around Darby’s 1709 blast furnace.

The monument not only commemorates this important person but also recognises all of the local businesses involved in the project.


Contact: Mark Hannon