MKS announces new Ophir® Large Beam Profiler

MKS Instruments has announced the Ophir® SP504S Beam Profiling Camera with small pixel size for higher resolution measurement of large and divergent beams.

The SP504S camera accurately captures and analyses wavelengths from 340-1100nm for beam sizes from 45µm up to 23mm x 23mm. The camera features a wide dynamic range of 44.6dB, a lowest measurable signal of 0.25nW/cm2, and high accuracy at NIR wavelengths. The SP504S camera provides the industry’s smallest pixel size of 4.5 µm – up to 3X smaller than competitive offerings – which allows measurement of laser beams with higher spatial resolution and smaller beam sizes. That makes the camera ideal for large beam diameter applications that require high resolution or when beam tracking is needed over a large area, such as laser material processing, VCSEL / LEDs, and medical aesthetics.

“Increasingly, laser manufacturers need to find small features in a large divergent beam area, like semiconductor fabrication,” said Reuven Silverman, General Manager, Ophir Photonics. “The SP504S camera can capture and accurately analyse such beams with widths up to 23 mm. Prior to this, large beams often had to be reduced with optics so the beam would not overfill the camera imaging sensor. But there is always a concern that any optic in the path of the beam may cause spatial changes that are not characteristic of the natural beam. The large imaging array and high resolution of the SP504S camera does away with the need to downsize beams for measurement.”

The Ophir SP504S beam profiling camera combines a large, 32.5mm global shutter CMOS imager with high resolution. The camera features a compact design with a thread adapter that contains industry standard 2.035”-40 threads for 2” optics and accessories. Stackable ND1, ND2, and ND3 filters are also provided. The camera’s GigE interface enables remote connection for industrial applications.

The camera works with Ophir BeamGage® Professional, the industry’s most advanced laser beam analysis software. It is based on Ultracal, Ophir’s patented, baseline correction algorithm that helped establish the ISO 11146-3 standard for beam measurement accuracy. BeamGage software includes all the calculations needed to make accurate, ISO approved laser beam measurements, including power and spot diameter, power density, spot position, and more. The software provides advanced image processing features, NIST-traceable power measurements, trend charting, data logging, pass/fail production testing, and multilingual support.

Contact: Stuart Thomson