New from Ophir – high power laser measurement system for AM

MKS Instruments has announced the Ophir® BeamPeek™, an integrated beam analysis and power measurement system for fast, accurate, real-time measurement of lasers in additive manufacturing chambers.

Introduced at Laser World of Photonics, the BeamPeek system provides simultaneous beam profiling, focal spot analysis, and power measurement in just three (3) seconds. There is no need for water or fan cooling as the system includes a replaceable passive cooling beam dump tray that eliminates downtime between measurement sessions. The BeamPeek system is ideal for field service testing of additive manufacturing chamber powder beds. It is able to withstand chamber conditions, including the presence of metal powder residuals and when cooling agents or airflow connection points are not available.

“Additive manufacturing chambers present a challenging environment for high power laser-based systems,” said Reuven Silverman, General Manager, Ophir Photonics. “There is no room for the large, complex systems with water cooling pipes typically needed for high power laser measurement nor for fan-based systems that require cleaning before each use. The Ophir BeamPeek is able to measure high power lasers inside additive manufacturing chambers because of its compact, lightweight design and patent-pending passive cooling cartridge. This allows users to easily move between the AM systems without halting production and without the need to clean the chamber before use.”

The new Ophir® BeamPeek is a compact, rugged high power laser measurement tool that measures powers up to 1kW for two (2) minutes for both green (532nm) and NIR wavelengths (1030-1080nm). The active components (electronics, optics, camera, and power meter) are located in a sheltered chamber whose temperature rise is not more than 2.5˚C per minute at 1kW. The system includes an innovative beam dump designed as a replaceable tray that eliminates the need to waste time letting the system cool down. As the main beam enters the system, it encounters a beam sampler which diverts approximately 4% of the laser’s power to the thermal sensor; the remaining 96% is captured by the beam dump for faster cooling. This allows measurements to be repeated immediately, allowing for sustained work cycles.

The BeamPeek system is supported by a range of Ophir software options: StarLab, BeamPeek Tool, and BeamGage Professional. BeamGage is the industry’s most advanced beam analysis system. It is based on Ultracal, Ophir’s patented, baseline correction algorithm that helped establish the ISO 11146-3 standard for beam measurement accuracy. BeamGage software includes all the calculations needed to make accurate, ISO approved laser beam measurements, including power and spot diameter, power density, spot position, and more. The software provides advanced image processing features, NIST-traceable power measurements, trend charting, data logging, pass/fail production testing, and multilingual support.

Contact: Jon Richardson