New Lasermet facility expansion boosts innovation

The new Lasermet facility expansion boosts innovation and delivers the highest standard of laser safety products and services worldwide.

Lasermet is pleased to announce the completion of its new facilities at Lasermet’s northern operations site near St Helens, Lancashire. These new facilities have been specifically designed to meet the growing demand for the company’s laser safety products, which are trusted and utilised by professionals worldwide.

Located in the esteemed M7 Haydock Industrial Estate, the new facilities encompass the original Lot #11 (6,000 sqm) and Lot #12 (5,000 sqm), providing us with space for the manufacturing of our high-quality products. Furthermore, on September 18 2023, we successfully acquired Lot #13, which boasts a spacious 8,000 sqm area dedicated to storage and advanced packaging capabilities, enabling efficient dispatch of our products to customers around the globe and accommodating our growing operations.

A standout feature of Lot #13 is Lasermet’s impressive 1,500 sqm showroom. Within this showcase space, it will proudly exhibit the latest technological advancements that the company has to offer. This showroom serves as a platform to demonstrate the exceptional performance and superior safety features of our products, allowing professionals to make informed decisions about their safety equipment.

The new showroom not only adds a touch of grandeur to Lasermet’s facilities, but it also serves as an interactive platform for its customers to explore and experience the most advanced laser safety technology available on the market.

Lasermet is committed to providing customers with cutting-edge technology that prioritises their safety and enhances their efficiency. With the new facilities, the company can continue to innovate and deliver the highest standard of laser safety products and services, ensuring the well-being and protection of professionals in the laser welding industry.

Contact: Paul Tozer