New Spectra-Physics IceFyre ideal for Precision Micromachining

MKS Instruments, Inc. introduces its Spectra-Physics® IceFyre® GR50 laser, a compact, high-power green picosecond laser with industry-leading performance and low cost-of-ownership.

The new laser delivers >50 W green power, ultrashort pulses, and unprecedented versatility for process optimisation with adjustable repetition rates, TimeShift™ ps programmable pulse flexibility, and pulse-on-demand triggering. The laser is rugged and compact, enabling easy integration into machine tools. The IceFyre GR50 laser is ideal for micromachining some of today’s most challenging materials including FR4, various metals, ceramics and glass composites, all while operating in demanding, 24/7 manufacturing environments.

The IceFyre GR50 laser delivers >50 W average power and >100 μJ of green pulse energy at adjustable repetition rates from single shot to 10 MHz, with true pulse-on-demand (POD) and position-synchronised-output (PSO) triggering. The laser’s TimeShift ps programmable pulse capability enables flexible burst operation with adjustable sub-pulse count, separation and intensity for optimising micromachining results. The new laser’s It’s in the Box™ design integrates control electronics, laser diodes and all other critical components into a compact and lightweight laser head.

Building on MKS’ deep experience and technology, IceFyre lasers pass extensive environmental qualification testing to ensure high reliability and low cost-of-ownership. Fully automated and computer controlled, the laser exhibits exceptional stability in power, beam parameters and beam pointing during 24/7 operation to deliver high precision and reproducibility for demanding applications.

Contact: Jon Richardson