NSC launches Solar Powered Nitrogen Generator at AILU event

Nitrogen Supply Co. Limited has unveiled an innovative product design to zero energy costs associated with nitrogen generation. 

NSC’s Stephen Adeyemi launched Solar Gen™ at AILU’s Job Shop Business Meeting at the end of November. The hybrid, solar-powered nitrogen generator has 3 major benefits:

  • 3 hours of sunlight – 16 hours of operation
    Just 3 hours of sunlight will power Solar Gen for up to 16 hours (2 shifts). Solar Gen comes 4 sizes and if there is some space on a roof or in a yard, then just 1 panel is all that’s needed to run NSC’s smallest generator off Grid!
  • No Plugs Just Play
    Solar Gen is ideal if a job shop is on the limit of power to its factory. Take advantage of the flexibility of running the N2 system off Grid or from the mains power supply, with an hybrid nitrogen system.
  • All-inclusive offering
    Manufacturers can benefit from an all-inclusive service, callout and warranty package with no extra costs incurred over the entire subscription period . This will help cash flow planning better and eliminate unexpected expenses. 

Contact: Stephen Adeyemi