NUBURU blue laser combines with image projection to increase AM print speed

NUBURU delivered the world’s first blue laser-powered area 3D printer light engine to its technical partner under a contract with the U.S. Air Force.

The goal of this Direct to Phase II contract is to use the absorption advantages of the blue laser and combine it with the ability to project an image onto the powder bed using a Texas Instruments Digital Light Projector to dramatically increase the speed of 3D printing of metal parts. NUBURU delivered the light engine to its partner to integrate it into a 3D printer. The speed increase is the result of using an image that is up to 30,000 times larger than the single spot used today while delivering the same resolution as today’s printers. This 3D printing architecture can be scaled to enable high density materials to be printed at speeds of 100x or greater while dramatically reducing CO2 emissions. In a separate study, NUBURU has shown up to a 2.75 times reduction in CO2 emissions when printing stainless steel parts compared to an infrared laser.

Contact: Andrew Dodd