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Message from Emma Ashcroft, AILU’s new ALM SIG Chair.

June 2015

Firstly I would like to thank AILU for giving me the opportunity to take on the role of the Additive Layer Manufacturing Special Interest Group (ALM SIG) Chair from Rob Scudamore. The aim of the Group is to provide a UK focus for its members with an interest or activity in the process; in particular by sharing experiences and updates on the development of ALM technology. As Section Manager for Laser Additive Manufacturing within TWI I aim to enhance the ALM SIG along with my direct involvement in the EU coordinating supporting action project FoFAM which is looking to assess the industrialisation of ALM across different sectors. 

There is currently a lot of activity and effort being focused towards ALM within the UK and internationally with laser based techniques at its heart and it’s important we keep this momentum going within the UK laser community. The recent ILAS event in March 2015 is a case in point: we had a great presence, with good attendance for the ALM plenary and AM sessions.

As ALM SIG Chair I will look at opportunities where as a community we can input into relevant strategies and events, particularly linking with the current UK ALM strategy. With this in mind I am proposing a Laser ALM focused event for AILU in the first half of 2016.

I would be pleased to hear from you on any matter concerning the ALM SIG with any ideas or suggestions on how we can continue to work together in this field.

Emma Ashcroft

The Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) Special Interest Group, AILU's latest SIG, was initiated at the 2009 AILU AGM in July 2009.  AILU President, Stewart Williams, expressed his great pleasure at the highly successful AILU workshop devoted to Additive Manufacturing held at Airbus Filton earlier in March 2009.  The level of enthusiasm has confirmed the current UK interest in additive manufacture and the support has enabled forming this Special Interest Group.

The ALM SIG is aimed at developers and end users.  The SIG will influence and help develop UK strategy on ALM technology and provide networking opportunities and information about funding sources and competitions.

Membership of the ALM SIG is free and open to AILU members and non-members alike.

To join the ALM SIG email the AILU Office


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