Special Interest Groups

Welcome to the Laser Special Interest Groups (SIGs) section of the AILU website.  As an AILU member you are welcome to join the Groups that match your specific interests, although the Job Shop Group is only open to those members who run job shops.

Currently, the SIGs available within AILU are:

  • Job Shop
  • Market Development (MD)
  • Medical
  • Micro:Nano
  • Product and Process Inovation (PPI)
  • Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM)
  • Power Beam Processing (PBP)

The purpose of special interest groups is to better support the special interests of AILU members. Each has its own page and forum on the AILU web site.

Membership of the Job Shop SIG (established in 1995 for subcontract laser-based engineering companies, with 86 members*) and the Market Development SIG (established in 2005 for suppliers of laser-related products and services, with 240 members*) are restricted to AILU members, but membership of the Medical SIG (established in 2007 for clinicians, manufacturers using lasers for manufacture of medical devices and suppliers of laser-related products and services, with 55 members*); the Micro:Nano SIG (launched in 2008 for engineers, scientists and equipment and service providers involved in the challenges of laser processing at the micro or nano level); the PPI SIG (launched in late 2008 for reseachers involved in the development of laser-related technology and materials processing, to identify common needs and create the possibility of joint initiatives and activities with industrial laser users) and the ALM SIG (launched in 2009 for developers and end users of Additive Layer Manufacturing helping to develop the technology and provide networking opportunities and information about funding sources and competitions) is also open free of charge to non-members who have registered on the AILU web site. The latest SIG, the PBP SIG was recently launched at the AILU welding workshop held on 22 September 2015. It caters for all involved in the complimentary processes of laser and electron beam processing.

[* Numbers of members correct as of June 2008.]

The Market Development Group is responsible for the Design for Laser Manufacture (DLM) website at www.designforlasermanufacture.com. For more information see our DLM information page.


Please let the AILU office know if you want to join a specific group. Alternatively email the AILU Office with your details.

Each special interest group (SIG) has its own page that can be accessed using the Tabs at the top of this page.

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