Pro-Lite launches lightweight laser safety face shields

Pro-Lite Technology has launched the Laservision FS1 Laser Welding Safety Face Shield. The FS1 Face Shield is based upon an industrial safety visor that protects not only the wearer’s eyes but also their face from the hazards caused by laser radiation.

With the increased used of handheld laser welders, a full-face visor is an attractive solution and the FS1 stands out in being both extremely light weight (only 386g) but certified in accordance with EN207.

The entire FS1 visor is certified to EN207 and is designed to protect the wearer against accidental exposure to laser radiation; as with all laser safety filters, it is not intended for protection against permanent, direct exposure, which should be avoided. The large visor ensures an unobstructed field of vision and contributes to long-term wearer comfort. Depending on the materials to be welded and the associated characteristic plasma brightness, you can choose between three filter variants to suit your application.

The key advantages of the FS1 laser welding face shield are:

  • Full face protection
  • Lightweight: only 386g
  • Laser filters certified according to EN207
  • Carrier certified to EN207
  • Welding filters certified to EN169 (depending on model)
  • Basic requirements and mechanical protection according to EN166 
  • Adjustable fit and height
  • Anti-fog coating on the inside
  • Scratch-resistant coating on the outside
  • Ergonomically optimised, semi-automatic, spring-loaded visor mechanism

Contact: Preetesh Mistry