CSIR (National Laser Centre)

Meiring Naude Road
South Africa

Tel: +27 12 841 2911
Fax: +27 12 841 3160

Vision: To maintain and develop local technological expertise ensuring global industrial and academic competitiveness by providing laser enabled manufacturing solutions through research & development. Mission: It is our mission to: Improve the operational efficiency of South African industry through cost effective refurbishment of high impact components. Stimulate innovation in new product development by making advanced laser enabled manufacturing technologies available to South African Industry. Support the Higher Education Institutions in developing the next generation of scientists and engineers for laser materials processing and laser enabled manufacturing. Promote Educational efforts to bring laser enabled manufacturing knowledge into the classroom. Participate in the creation of opportunities for all South Africans interested in laser enabled manufacturing. Value Proposition: LMP: Makes new and novel laser enabled manufacturing methods and expertise and equipment available for the South African industry enabling innovation and product development. Assists the South African industry by providing low volume production runs where laser enabled manufacturing is required but production volumes do not justify buying the equipment. Provides access to laser enabled manufacturing processes and equipment to SMME’s who would not be able to afford it otherwise. Provides advice on laser enabled manufacturing processes and applications to reduce the risk for potential end users. This includes feasibility studies, decision support and purpose built equipment. Is the sole provider of laser based refurbishment technology in South Africa and is in close proximity to industrial end users rendering fast, cost effective refurbishment service necessary to avoid downtime and loss of production and excessive transportation costs. Is the sole provider of laser based deep engraving services in South Africa. Is the sole provider of 3D laser cutting technology in South Africa. Provides laser materials processing know-how to the South African industry & Higher Education Institutions. Contributes to human capital development in the field of laser enabled manufacturing processing.

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  • Herman Burger
  • +27 12 841 3160
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