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  • Laser Mechanisms Europe NV
    Location: Belgium
    Status: Sales office
    LMech - Beam Benders, Beam Shuttles, Beam Splitters, Lens Cartridges, Mirror Holders

    Groenestaakstraat 59 Mariakerke

    Contact: Arvi Ramaswami   Tel: +32 9218 7070 Email: Fax: + 32 9218 7079

  • Laser SOS Ltd
    Location: UK South East
    Status: Manufacturer
    We can supply a range of opto-mechanics Ð mirror, aperture, safety shutter, Q-switch, beam expander and lens mounts etc

    Unit 3 Burrel Road
    St Ives
    PE27 3LE

    Contact: Antoni Koszykowski   Tel: 01480 460990 Email: Fax: 01480 469978
  • LBP Optics Ltd
    Location: UK South East
    Status: Manufacturer
    Mirror mounts, adjusters, and assembled beam delivery systems are made for high power lasers. Reflective beam expanders available in kit form

    Stratton Park Dunton Lane Biggleswade Beds
    SG18 8QS

    Contact: Mark Wilkinson   Tel: 01767 600877 Email: Fax: 01767 600833

  • PI (Physik Instrumente) Ltd
    Location: UK - Anglia
    Status: Sales Office
    Motor driven optical mounts for remote alignment. Motor technologies include piezo based drives which are self locking.

    Trent House
    University Way
    Cranfield Technical Park
    MK43 0AN

    Contact: Kevin Grimley   Tel: +44 (0) 1234 756360 Email: Fax: 01234 756369
    Location: Germany
    Status: Manufacturer
    Among other features iDRIVE offers simultaneous real-time monitoring of multiple galvanometer parameters and operational status. This capability is indispensable for processes requiring monitoring and traceability on-site or by a remote control center.

    Siemensstr. 2a 82178 Puchheim

    Contact: Erica Hornbogner   Tel: +49 89 800746-0 Email: Fax: +49 89 800 746-199

  • ULO Optics Ltd
    Location: UK South East
    Status: Manufacturer
    ZnSe lenses; Germanium lenses; Si, Cu and Mo mirrors; ZnSe and Ge partial reflectors; ZnSe beamcombiners; ZnSe beamsplitters, ZnSe f-theta lenses, ZnSe scanner lenses, multi-element scanner lenses, Si and Cu phase retarders, ZnSe, Ge and GaAs windows,

    Unit 2 Caxton Place
    Caxton Way
    SG1 2UG

    Contact: Richard Lawson   Tel: 01438 767502 Email: Fax: 01438 767555

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