PULSATE network launches free LBAAM Technology Services

PULSATE Network, an EC-funded initiative to boost the adoption of Laser-Based Advanced and Additive Manufacturing (LBAAM) technology in the European Manufacturing industry, has launched an Open Call to select up to 10 LBAAM Technology Users.

The program is open to companies legally established in the EU Member States or Associated Countries. Interested companies shall submit their applications here:


Interested companies can apply for one of the following services:

  • Laser welding.
  • Laser cladding and repair.
  • Laser surface Texturing and Functionalisation.
  • Micromachining and Micromanufacturing.
  • Development of Laser-based additive manufacturing application.
  • Direct Energy Deposition process development.
  • Powder Bed Fusion process and geometry optimisation.
  • Development of in-process monitoring.
  • Access to Infrastructure

The services will be provided free of charge by the following companies:

  • Asociación de investigación metalúrgica del noroeste (AIMEN),
  • Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA),
  • The Manufacturing Technology Centre Limited (MTC),
  • Fraunhofer IWS,
  • Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FMTC).

The Laser-Based Advanced and Additive Manufacturing technology represents a turning point for many industries aiming to achieve flexible manufacturing solutions and highly digitalized production environments. It has extremely beneficial outcomes for sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, Medical Devices, Industrial Machinery, Customized Electronics, and Textile clothing, by boosting the competitiveness of EU manufacturing through cost reduction, time-to-market reduction, quality and flexibility improvement, access to skills and knowledge, risk reduction, and market access.

PULSATE brings together a strong Consortium comprising six competence centres with high-level expertise in LBAAM and digitization, the European Photonics Industry Consortium to support innovative scale-up initiatives, and two highly innovative SMEs.

PULSATE has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 951998.


Contact: Tian Long See