SSLS & OriginTec bring Coractive fibre laser solutions to the UK

SS Laser Solutions (SSLS) has joined forces with OriginTec (OTG) to supply Coractive fibre laser sources in the UK.

Sinan Bilgin, Managing Director of SSLS says, “We are proud to announce that Coractive turnkey solutions for fibre lasers are going to be represented by SS Laser Solutions (SSLS) and OriginTec cooperation in the UK. SSLS and OTG have joined forces, with their combined experiences in laser technologies for fiber laser sources, laser processing heads, laser source upgrades and fiber laser source repairs. This cooperation will bring lots of solutions to fibre laser users even if they are using another brand of laser source.”

Fibre Laser Source Upgrade

The SSLS/OriginTec agreement will allow UK fibre laser users to upgrade exisiting sources with Coractive products. Sinan Bilgin comments, “If you purchased a fibre laser some time ago and now want to upgrade the laser source power to a higher one, we have a solution. No matter what your laser source brand is, we can help you with our high end Coractive laser sources.”

Damaged Fiber Laser Source Repair

SSLS also offers a repairs service. “If you damaged your fiber laser source and want to get it repaired, we can come and collect, repair and install it back on your laser. We can’t say it will be in the same condition as it was but it will be better” says Sinan.

Application Range

– Laser cutting

– Laser welding

– Laser cleaning

– Laser marking

– Laser engraving

– Laser cladding

– Additive manufacturing


– Spectroscopy

– Telecom

– Optical amplification

– Optical attenuators

– Optical components

– Medical diagnostics and imaging

– Optical coherence tomography

– Aesthetic applications

The SS Laser Solutions cooperation with OriginTec will develop a more strategic side to its laser business in addition to its provision of laser consumables, laser slat cleaning machines, and some state-of-the-art laser technologies. SSLS business has grown over the past 5 years and the company will continue to offer its to offer its best solutions and support to customers.

Contact: Sinan Bilgin