Eagle’s 30 kW laser provides extra power to Laserkraft, Sweden

Laserkraft, a Swedish sheet metal processing company specialising in laser cutting, edge pressing, welding and processing, has purchased an Eagle iNspire, the first 30 kW fibre laser in Sweden.

The new machine investment is an important part of the Laserkraft’s springboard forward and the company is now looking to expand. The powerful 30 kW machine, the Eagle iNspire 15300 F30.0, has associated automation, 6G acceleration, positioning speeds of up to 350 m/min, cutting speeds of up to 150 m/min and a super-fast 9-second pallet changer.

“This is an investment that significantly increases our productivity and efficiency. It replaces two existing machines with faster and better cutting results. There were no other options for us with the performance we were looking for and with capacity up to 25 mm,” says Magnus Johansson, Sales Manager at Laserkraft.

The fibre laser handles even the most complicated and intricate details.

“Even with thicker materials, you get good quality cutting edges and minimal heat impact, which means that we can make better use of the sheet metal pieces.” says Mikael Norin, Production Technology.

Original article by Gabriella Mellergårdh, https://www.gnosjoregion.se


Contact: Camillo Brena