The HiLASE Centre is heading into new application areas

In view of the dynamic trend in the development of new technologies, including the usability of laser applications, HiLASE has define five ambitious application areas in which laser technology will play a major role.

The five new application areas are:

  • Advanced laser processing and manufacturing technologies
  • Space-borne laser technologies
  • Smart & Safe Solutions for laser systems and applications
  • Laser nanotechnology
  • Laser technologies for compact particle and radiation sources

“All of these areas point to closer cooperation between the HiLASE Centre and other laser centres and partners from synergistic fields, both locally and internationally,” says Tomáš Mocek, Head of the HiLASE Centre, and continues, “A major challenge is the area focused on laser applications in space, which concerns not only research and development of laser sources designed specifically for space use, but also the involvement of cutting-edge optical technologies and electronics for extreme conditions and, of course, artificial intelligence. We are considering the use of solid-state and fibre lasers, which nowadays achieve very high optical efficiencies over the whole spectrum of emitted pulse lengths from fs to continuous radiation, thanks to efficient excitation by semiconductor lasers. They can have a peak power of tens of gigawatts at small dimensions, a high-quality beam focusable to micrometre dimensions, high temporal stability, and high energy in the pulse.”

Contact: Tomáš Mocek