TLM Laser introduces the ‘Swiss Knife’ of laser cleaning

The laser is fast becoming the process of choice for a growing number of cleaning applications. Laser cleaning is gentle on the substrate, both precise and quiet in operation, dust-free and does not require any consumables or environmentally harmful chemicals.
Typical applications include paint or rust removal, de-oiling, pre-treatment of substrates ahead of other processing operations, and a wide range of other cleaning and restoration operations on multiple material substrates.

As the latest addition to TLM’s comprehensive laser processing portfolio, the JETLASER M100 system uses maintenance-free fibre laser technology, is compact in design and can be transported in a car. Powered by a single 220 volt connection the system does not require other services such as compressed air, water or other cleaning media. Extraction however is required for removal of fumes and particulates, and as a class 4 system, the operation needs to be carried out within a laser-safe environment.

A range of cleaning patterns and easy selection of parameters such as low or high energy density to suit specific applications means that the system is easy and intuitive to use. The system uses an industrial PC and incorporates interfaces for integration with external automation and safety circuits.

According to TLM Laser’s Andy Toms: “This is a great addition to our laser technology range, as the JETLASER M100 provides a highly capable and flexible solution to multiple cleaning applications. Its ease of portability combined with operating costs which are sub £1.00 per hour means that this is both a cost-effective and efficient cleaning solution. ”


Contact: Andy Toms