Transfer rolls laser-clad with Wall Colmonoy alloy last longer than uncoated parts

Colmonoy® has been used in the steel industry since Wall Colmomoy’s beginnings in the 1930s. Customers now report transfer rolls laser-clad with Colmonoy® alloys last at least 3 times longer than uncoated parts. Increased life results from the special properties of the Colmonoy® 7331-60 alloy

.Transfer rolls can be laser-clad with Colmonoy® 7331-60, which has improved thermo-mechanical fatigue properties, meaning it is better at coping with cyclical heating up and cooling down, which can cause fatigue and failure in other metals. The perfect balance of hardness and ductility, this alloy will soak up stress and reduce the potential for cracking. Packed with the maximum fraction of tungsten carbide, it gives tough support to hard metallics.

Any part exposed in service to abrasive wear is a natural application for Colmonoy®. Such parts should be given a protective coating when new. Protected parts can also be renewed by the same laser cladding process after extended periods of service thus avoiding the costly purchase of new units.

  • Fewer replacement rolls needed
  • Less labor required to install them
  • Less down-time
  • Smooth enough to go directly into service- no machining or grinding needed

Colmonoy® alloys have proved their ability to generate savings in the steel industry and a wide variety of other applications.

Contact: Warren Lewis